story of qurious

The greatest inventions in the world or the most powerful discoveries and the astonishing encounters; arise from one single place – A Qurious Mind.

The result of a mind that always asks questions, a mind that wants to break the clutter; wants to innovate, lead and focus on a better tomorrow. A mind that is constantly Qurious!!!

a unique destination where

Like-minded people strive to bring you the best creative ideas

Unique brand strategy & Identity, with powerful visuals communication

User-friendly web & mobile applications

Thoughtful & Interactive e-learning courses

Intriguing animated videos and a lot more...


Started as Expressive Square in the year 2009.

Experience and hard-work at Expressive Square has extensively helped us to expand into a more prominent & substantial company, i.e. Qurious Media.

Moving ahead towards a global expansion plan with a new identity "Qurious Media" since 2013.

Ability to understand business process, gave us the experience to work across the industries.

A team of passionate professionals working towards one single goal – "HAPPY & SATISFIED CUSTOMERS"

our approach